Is your mind playing tricks? A list of all the best political thriller movies ever made, many of which are streaming on Netflix and Amazon Prime. Related: The Best Thrillers On Netflix Right Now. Including stories from the Safdie brothers, Denis Villeneuve and Alfonso Cuarón. You can read Falling Down any number of ways: a withering, cathartic take-down of late 20th century consumer capitalism; an update of Network's mad-as-hell, not-taking-it-anymore Howard Beale with a shotgun; a blackly comic lark; a slightly more unhinged portent of the 'da' played by Limmy, wailing that she's turned the weans against him. Medici: Masters of Florence. Are your palms sweating? ... A high-concept thriller that mostly takes place on a … While she nurses him and his smashed up leg back to health, Paul mentions he'd been planning to bump off Misery Chastain, the lead in his series of romantic novels. This list of the best thrillers on Amazon Prime is updated weekly with all-new choices, so be sure to return the next time you’re looking for something great to watch. The man's insatiable ambition devastates his family.Details about Raajneeti, Jason Isaacs stars in this Golden Globe-nominated political thriller as Mark Brydon, a British ambassador to the United States who finds himself caught up in a complex conspiracy that could prompt a dangerous shift in political power.Details about The State Within, In this thriller based on Ira Levin's novel, young Nazi hunter Barry Kohler stumbles on the trail of the infamous "Angel of Death," Dr. Josef Mengele, who is planning to resurrect Hitler's vision in South America.Details about The Boys from Brazil, Ayn Rand's controversial bestseller is the basis for this potent drama about Dagny Taggart, a fiercely independent railroad tycoon determined to use innovative technology and enterprising partners to revive her business, no matter the personal cost.Details about Atlas Shrugged: Part 1, When a diplomat narrowly misses assassination, a bodyguard rushes the politician to the hospital and prepares for the bad guys to come finish the job. When a Soviet nuclear sub headed toward American waters drops off U.S. scanners, the Yanks scramble to take defensive steps. Or is something evil going on? Here are 15 of the best, ranging from tense crime series to mind-bending dramas. The Best Romantic Films On Netflix Right Now, The Best Classic Movies To Stream On Netflix Now. James Caan is novelist Paul Sheldon, who crashes his car out in the wilderness but is saved by Kathy Bates's superfan Annie. Facebook Twitter Flipboard Hugh Jackman and an extremely cock-er-ney Christian Bale face off as two rival magicians endlessly trying to one-up each other with their tricks in Christopher Nolan's tricksy yarn about professional jealousy and revenge. The Best Political Documentaries On Netflix Right Now. Naturally, the National Security Agency can't allow anyone to have the key to the code, and unctuous villain Alec Baldwin is willing to end the boy's life to protect the nation. DiCaprio's Daniels serves as our anxiety-ridden guide through the island: a maze of red herrings laid like traps as the tension mounts. Subscribe to Esquire now for a hit of style, fitness, culture and advice from the experts. But instead, she arrives in Nigeria and comes face-to-face with his corpse.Details about Blood and Oil, When Claire Unwin's husband, Mark, is abducted while servicing a remote flowstation in the Niger Delta, she is assured by his employers that his speedy release is just a formality. Old conspiracies quickly resurface, embroiling the pair deeper and deeper in peril.Details about The Double, A radical terrorist group known as the Red Army Faction uses extreme violence to combat what they perceive as a new fascist threat in 1970s Germany. Menu. Skirting genres of mystery, Fifties noir and psychological horror, Kyle Machlachlan plays a college student drawn into a world of slavery, kidnap and torture as he attempts to save a lounge singer from the clutches of gangster Frank Booth – played unforgettably by Dennis Hopper in a comeback role. If you’re struggling to know what to get stuck into next, here’s a list of some of the best crime dramas on Netflix UK right now. Best on Netflix is the place to discover the best TV shows and movies available on Netflix. Christopher Nolan's visually overwhelming and smart blockbuster bent time and viewers' minds on its release 10 years ago. However much intellectual heft you want to ascribe to it, it's an extremely effective thriller. Paperback. Joaquin Phoenix's Best Film Isn't 'Joker', Guys, The Best Prestige Horror Movies On Netflix, This content is created and maintained by a third party, and imported onto this page to help users provide their email addresses. £6.55 #46. ... Netflix has an extensive library of feature films, documentaries, TV shows, anime, award-winning Netflix originals, and more. We earn a commission for products purchased through some links in this article. Then his air conditioning breaks. This streaming guide will keep you on your toes. The best political thrillers turn the president of the United States into an action hero. Sure enough, in Air Force One , President James Marshall (Harrison Ford) might as well be Jack Ryan. Skip to main Netflix is still the best streaming service for TV in the UK – this list shows that it's a real juggernaut, considering how Netflix combines its own originals with great acquisitions from elsewhere. This site lists all the amazing content available to Netflix … Here are the best psychological thrillers on Netflix UK right now. Made on a tiny budget, the film went on to win awards and critical acclaim, threading psychological tension and unease throughout its scenes, including one surreal moment of sinister disco dancing. Like this article? Based on the novel by Tom Clancy, this high-intensity technothriller co-stars Morgan Freeman.Details about The Sum of All Fears, After a visit from a bodyguard who claims to have stolen a personal notebook belonging to Joseph Stalin, radical historian Fluke Kelso digs deeper to prove its existence.

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