12. Access: The buyer and his representatives have access to the sales area and all adjacent land of the seller for the purpose of cutting, removing and transporting the wood. 1. LIABILITÉ – The purchaser undertakes to preserve and maintain the seller free of any claim, penalty or expense resulting from the performance of this contract, whether invoked by himself or by a person, organization or government agency or sub-division. 2. The ASSURANCE OF THE EMPLOYEE-KOMPENSATION, to the extent necessary and at least in the minimum prescribed by law, is purchased and maintained by the buyer, in order to fully protect buyers and sellers from all rights to counterfeiting or death arising from the performance of this contract. 3. THIS AGREEMENT IS NOT ENTIRELY OR PARTIALLY OF ONE OF THE PARTIES WITHOUT THE WRITTEN AGREEMENT OF THE OTHER ASSIGNED PARTY. 4. ALL TIMBER included in this contract remain the property of the seller until full payment. 5. THE SELLER GUARANTEES PROPERTY BOUNDARIES, marked or otherwise marked. The seller also guarantees that the seller has the right and ownership of the wood contained in this sale.

6. WHEN CUT PRODUITS ARE SCALED, the Buyer agrees to pay or the Seller agrees to refund any difference in the value of the initial payment on the basis of the actual scale at the prices shown in Section V within thirty (30) days of the harvest`s closing. 7. THE SELLER MUST INFORM EACH DEPOSIT REFUND ENERTHERON PERFORMANCE OR BUYER OF THE INTENTION TO KEEP THIS DEPOSIT WITHIN THIRTY (30) DAYS OF THE END OF THE SALE. The seller may suspend or cancel all transactions for breach of a clause in this contract by the purchaser and, for this reason, retain all deposited funds. 8. In CASE OF DISPUTE on the terms of this contract, the final decision rests with a three-person arbitration body, one selected by each party and one third chosen by the other two members. 9. SPECIAL STIPULATIONS (if any) must be listed in an addendum. A word of warning: Always be careful when using a model wood sales contract.

Don`t duplicate him word for word. It`s easy to copy an example that thinks it will cover all your conditions, but in many cases it won`t be enough. Here are some reasons below: ALL TIMBER DESIGNATED BELOW SHALL BE CUT and before the date of the date removed from Section I, unless an extension of time is requested and granted in writing. The sale will expire on this day or before the date on which all products were cut, withdrawn and the final payment has been made. The buyer is responsible for the full offer price for all the woods listed below, including uncut or unserring wood prices. This responsibility applies regardless of the violation of wood for natural reasons, acts of God or human acts, including vandalism or theft. All rights to the remaining products, cut or not, go back to the seller for the sale. 17.

Trash and debris: No debris of any kind should be left on the ground, except for the trees and natural brushes that appeared in the countryside. No trees, limbs, brushes or debris can be left on the property above the boundaries of the land or in fields, streams or ditches. The buyer forgoes depositing oil or hazardous waste on the site. Grantee or her agents must put garbage in garbage bags or cans at all times. No waste, including cans, bottles, paper, plastic and towels, can be left on the floor at any time. After harvesting the wood, the purchaser or his enforcement assistants are responsible for the disposal of all waste from the cutting area, including, but not limited to, oil cans, paper, tyres, plastic or glass bottles or any other waste that the buyer or his middle parts have deposited on the cutting area.