b) xxx USD to compensate for the termination of the employment relationship (loss of the Agency); It is customary to agree on a reference form for the outgoing employee. This helps avoid future conflicts and can be included in a transaction contract. 1.2 The employer enters into this contract and makes the payment in point 2 of this contract without any guarantee of liability from the employer. 6.1 To the extent that the advisor (who is [ ] of [ ] ) has issued the employer`s lawyers with the Schedule 1 counsellor certificate until the termination date and provided the worker has complied with the worker`s obligations under that agreement, the employer pays the worker`s legal fees up to a ceiling of 350 DOLLARS, plus VAT. , which is exclusively due to the worker`s advice in relation to the termination of employment and the preparation of this agreement. The employer will pay these costs directly to the company for which the advisor works after receiving a VAT invoice addressed to the employee, but which is fully or partially indicated by the employer PandaTip as payable (in whole or in part): the compromise agreement is the name used in the European Union for severance or separation agreements in the United States. There is a legal and regulatory framework that regulates these agreements, so be sure to consult with the lawyer to ensure that you do not have the proper legal guidance. You can also use our free billing account sheet template model to dictate separation rules in advance. In addition, the employee understands and accepts that the terms of the confidentiality agreement signed by the employee survive any termination of the employee`s employment with the employer, as described here, and the employee undertakes to fully respect the terms of that confidentiality agreement. The staff member will not pass on the content of this compromise agreement to third parties. D. The employer and the worker intend that this agreement will mean an effective waiver of such rights and that it fulfils the terms of transaction agreements in applicable legislation. 8.1.7 The worker is not aware of any right to personal injury to the employer as a result of or related to the employer`s employment, nor to any facts that may give rise to such a right; And what is a compromise agreement? A compromise agreement is a document involving an employer and a worker that determines the responsibilities and outcomes of the worker`s separation or separation from the employer and must be developed according to specific legal guidelines.